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5 Free & Cheap Winter Date Nights

5 free cheap winter date night ideas

Save money, your sanity, and possibly even your relationship by giving these five outdoor date ideas from Hitched Magazine a try. Cabin fever gets the boot for less than the price of therapy — some activities are completely free. (Recessionistas everywhere, rejoice.)


Braving the cold is easy when you’re having fun together.

Previously at Hitched, we gave you five fun ideas for indoor winter dates. Now it’s time to take the romance outside with one of these five outdoor winter date ideas that are just as fun.

Remember the thrill of careening down a snowy slope as you hang on for dear life? Well, that adrenaline rush is just as exciting now that you’re grown up. Grab a sled and head for the nearest snow bank or make a day of it by taking a morning drive to the mountains while you enjoy the snow-covered scenery. After you’re both spent, grab lunch at a cozy diner you’ve never tried before on your way home.

For yet another reason to act like a kid again, find an outdoor ice skating rink and lace up. Whether you’re old pros or have to hold each other up the entire time, it’s just another excuse to hold hands together as you laugh.

For an unbeatable end (or beginning) to a romantic date, book a horse-drawn sleigh through a scenic area or take a horse-drawn carriage through the city at night. You’ll be able to cuddle together under a warm blanket as you take in the sights around you.

There’s nothing quite like a frozen winter night sky to make the stars stand out crystal clear. Get bundled up, pack extra blankets and a steaming thermos of hot chocolate and head to your favorite scenic trail for a night of winter stargazing. Once you’ve found the perfect spot, wrap yourselves in blankets and keep yourselves warm by sipping hot chocolate as you snuggle underneath the twinkling stars.

After the holidays most cabin rentals lower their prices, making this the perfect time to enjoy a winter weekend away at a reasonable price. For the ultimate romantic getaway, plan ahead and pack some essential romantic goodies: chocolate covered strawberries, bubble bath and massage oil are just some of the items that should be on your packing list. But don’t just plan on staying indoors the whole time; arrange some fun outdoor winter activities, like the ones mentioned above, to make the nights back in the cabin that much more enjoyable.

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Story republished with permission from Hitched Magazine

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