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5 Mad Men-Inspired Mid-Century Modern DIY Projects

DIY mid century modern

Watching Mad Men makes us want to drink whiskey, smoke sophisticated cigarettes, and revamp our style — and we know we’re not alone (at least on that third one). So, we rounded up our three favorite midcentury modern DIY projects for similarly crafty, wily and resourceful vintage-lovers feeling motivated to go on a Mad Men-inspired decorating spree.

Tufted Headboard
The first tutorial comes from Kate at Centsational Girl, a Northern California crafter who has gifted the interwebs with her amazingly easy-to-follow tutorial for a tufted headboard (just like the ones found in Joan’s romantic bachelorette boudoir).

Sunburst Clocks & Mirrors
Sunburst clocks and mirrors have witnessed a design revival lately, so they’re easily found at retailers like Creating one yourself can be even more inexpensive, though, and completely rewarding when you finally hang your finished product in your Bert Cooper-styled office! Apartment Therapy has a great tutorial for creating your own sunburst mirror, and Heather at DollarStore Crafts has a funky variation. Add a clock kit (found at craft stores) to turn wall decor into a working clock.

Geometric Wall Art
If vintage advertising prints aren’t quite your style, try these tutorials from Mid-Century Modern and OhDeeDoh to quickly — and cheaply — create an impressive (and inexpensive) geometric art installation. Using wooden embroidery hoops, paint, and (optionally) fabric, layer the circles in random patterns to create a bold focal point for any room or to decorate a vast amount of blank wall space on a budget.

Etched Glass Bar Set
No Mad Men-inspired bedroom or living room would be complete without a bar, and this personalized etched glass set is the stylish way to go. Download the printable PDF tutorial from Melissa from I Still Love You for creating an etched glass platter and easily reproduce the effect on tumblers or other barware. A quick Google search for “free vector ornaments” is a great way to find patterns to use as designs for your stencils. Just be sure to completely wash all the etching cream off your glassware (and follow the product’s safety instructions) before you drink up.

For more Draper-esque diy decor, download Curbly’s MakeIt! Mid-Century Modern e-book, containing 12 projects, ranging from tufted ottomans to (our favorite) “Eames-broidered” napkins, come with detailed instructions and wonderful pictures to help you bring a touch of the Mad Men era into your own home.

Story: Copyright 2010, Shoestring LLC. Images: Courtesy of Apartment Therapy, DollarStore Crafts, I Still Love You, and Curbly’s.