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Shopping for Friends with Facebook Connect

facebook connect etsy gifts

Everyone seems to be getting on the Facebook train these days, and, as it turns out, some apps are proving that connecting to your family was not only a good idea after all, but pretty damn useful for picking out presents.

Punky shared a post yesterday about the new Gift Ideas finder on, which connects your Etsy account with your Facebook account to pull your friends’ “Likes” from their profile and suggest relevant handmade and vintage gifts to match. A little creepy, but also super cool.

Marissa, fashion blogger at Well-Appointed Catwalk, immediately commented: “Great idea. Now if only my mom were on Facebook! She is impossible to shop for.”

Since my mom is on Facebook, and is also impossible to shop for, I took it upon myself to quickly search for gift ideas. Unfortunately, the only thing she “Likes” are this magazine and, so the pickings were slim, but I did find absolutely perfect gifts for my husband, my dad, and my old roommate. Score.

Above the cool factor, Etsy’s new feature is fabulous for holiday gift shopping on a Shoestring because it recommends personal and thoughtful things (so they’ll get used), you can refine your selections by price or by locale, and you can also save ideas for later purchase (birthdays, anniversaries, just because) in your Favorites.

Buying handmade, secondhand, and local gifts all in one place, and from the comfort of your own home? Yes, please.


In other news, a local startup friend of mine pointed out that is also tried to do the Facebook for shopping thing, but when I tried it out, the interface result after connecting was only a strange Facebook chat-like window — to which another startup friend replied, “ I wonder if Regretsy could implement a version of it.”

Regrettable, indeed.