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We’re Going Plaid: Shift Your Shopping

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While the Black Friday deal promotions have hit ludicrous speed this year (starting well before Halloween), the Gumshoes are going plaid with our holiday shopping — Plaid Friday, that is.

Plaid Friday is the local, independent business alternative to Black Friday, spearheaded by the Local First and 10% Shift movements, grassroots organizations that encourage Americans to turn the economy back around for good by shifting 10% of their total monthly spending from large retail chains to locally owned and operated stores.

Many of you may recognize Local First and 10% Shift from our Facebook and Twitter feeds — the Gumshoes got a primary, secondary, and higher education this summer on the economics of “shifting your shopping” as officemates of Somerville Local First and its champion, the incomparable Joe Grafton. The statistics, qualified and quantified by several studies, are clear: spending $1 at a locally owned business creates about three times as much economic activity and more jobs in the region than spending that same dollar at a chain store.

We’ll have a full report on the impact of Shifting Your Shopping next week, but in the meantime, hear more from those directly involved and impacted, like Liana Peterson of New Brahmin, a small business owner and former retailer here in Boston, and Laury Hammel, founder of the national Local First movement, or watch this video from Somerville Local First:

If you’re a local business or work for one, go out of your way to thank your customers for shopping with you. If you’re a customer who loves even one locally owned business, spread the word – change your Facebook profile pic to the official Plaid Friday image (linked) or create your own, and tweet about going Plaid with the hashtag #PlaidFriday.

Here are some more ways to save money and positively impact your local economy while supporting local businesses this holiday season:

And, just because shifting your shopping is such serious business, here’s a little Spaceballs for your holiday weekend:

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