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DIY Film Festival with IndieFlix

indieflix film festival in a box

I’ll be the first to admit it: I’m a huge film nerd. When it comes to movies, I’m particularly fond of the indies, as well as the humble, reluctant celebrities and talented artists who make them. I like to support the underdogs, and I like to see films that might not otherwise make it into theaters or get picked up for mass distribution. It’s like enjoying salted caramel ice cream when you can usually only find vanilla bean.

Which is why I’m completely in love with these Film Festivals in a Box from IndieFlix ($14.95 each, $39.95 for three). The various versions (“Pottymouth Comedies”, “Powered by Girls”) each come in a tiny box containing a DVD of 4 or 5 short films, as well as a discussion guide and suggested party tips. When you’re done, you can vote on your favorite for Best Picture as a group and then announce it online to let the filmmaker know, as well as other ways to support independent film through the IndieFlix community.

Watch this video review from our friends at Daily Grommet for more info:

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