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Secret Boston Sources for Cool Sh*t To Do

secret boston spots

Last week, at the Green Girls’ Night Out, our intern, Christine, and her friends asked me how I find out about all these “secret” happenings in Boston. Flattering as it was, the truth is that not only did I grow up here, raised with a sense of duty for community involvement, but I’m not afraid to explore — even by myself. I’ll try anything once, and I love meeting and talking to new people, especially those with whom I may not seem to have anything in common.

So, for all of you Beanstalkers out there who say there’s nothing going on in, that Boston is “so provincial,” and that you can’t find anything cool to do, this list ought to help you get off your ass & have some fun — starting with getting a MOVE on, since it’s summer, after all:


Social Boston Sports
Not your typical sports leagues, Justin Obey & Brian Shaw take the intimidation out of both exercise & meeting new people with groups for “adult intermurals” activities like Broomball and cornhole. Plus, every league night is capped off with a happy hour, and the leagues are super affordable, too — including annual white water rafting & ski trips!

ONE in 3 Boston
Did you know that one out of every three people living in Boston is between the ages of 21 and 35? Well, the Mayor’s office does, and Menino created the ONEin3 Boston group to get us all connected, increasing the collective coolness of the city, and hopefully keeping cool, talented people in Boston. And it’s working. Check out a monthly ONEin3 Neighborhood Night or volunteer day, which are like block parties for pretty young things who like to make new friends & give back to the city they love.
Founded by Cape Cod native and former Boston Magazine staffer turned yogini Rebecca Pacheco, OmGal is a one-stop source for weekly wellness & healthy living in Boston and beyond. Rebecca personally hosts regular yoga classes with Lululemon and Healthy Happy Hours with SBS. She also posts free video tutorials for sports, health & wellness on her site, along with videos from healthy, active events around town in her Community section. (She’s also been a guest contributor & fitness model for Shoestring!)


Second Glass
From Crash Courses like “Vino Viagra & The Panty Remover” to seafood & white wine events like “Muscadet, Shuck Yeah!” and the annual Wine Riot, this ain’t your parents wine festival. Morgan First & Tyler Balliet, besides being two of my favorite Boston entrepreneur friends, know how to throw a party — and they throw them OFTEN. Sign up for their Wine of the Weekend newsletter to celebrate at home or wherever you may be, with most bottles priced between $10 & $15, or download their free mobile app to keep track of your favorite wines & wine events.

Eat Boston
Aaron Cohen knows a few things about getting creative people to do creative things around food & fun in Boston, like his annual Bacon & Beer (which sold out of all 400+ tickets in 2 minutes!) and Guacaholics Anonymous events, plus his upcoming food truck and pop-up restaurants with a young, local rising star chef. Follow @EatBoston on Twitter to be on your game & don’t miss out on getting into some of the most sought-after gigs in town.

Somerville Local First
Joe Grafton is the man with the master plan (and inside scoop) when it comes to super cool happenings that give back to locally owned and operated businesses, including artists and artisans, handmade & handcrafted purveyors, and musicians. Become a community supporter for just $10 and get the “Where the Locals Go” coupon book, compiled in partnership with Cambridge Local First. Follow @SvilleLocal1st on Twitter or “Like” them on Facebook for tips on the best places to go, shop, eat, drink, and be active.


I could go on for days about the amazingly creative, fingers-on-the-pulse ladies and gents behind these publications, but I suggest you just subscribe to them now to find out for yourself:


Boston really is kicking some ass and taking names when it comes to a startup scene comparable to Silicon Valley these days. Don’t believe me? Click on just one of these links to find half a dozen events in the Bean bringing together some of the brightest young minds, talents, and business plans over beers, pitches, or best practice dialogues:

Have something I missed? For the love of all that is holy and happening in Boston, please share!