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Shoestring Press: Friends Don’t Let Friends Pay Retail

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All the years I spent working in editorial at a major off-price retailer (the sister site of a now-household name for discount designer fashion), we had one mantra: “Friends Don’t Let Friends Pay Retail.”

I can count on two hands the number of times I’ve paid sticker price for anything, my friends are always asking my advice for how to get a deal on everything from last-minute airfare to a new car, and in this brave new world of Great Recession lessons, us bargain shoppers have the upper hand — it’s no longer a fringe activity to be thrifty, it’s actually considered dumb *not* to be the F word: frugal.

Last week, I was totally stoked to be featured in Entrepreneur’s SecondAct blog alongside some of my own favorite budget living gurus, sharing our top 9 Things to Always Buy on Sale.

Check out what we had to say, and share your own below in the comments on on our Facebook page — there’ll be loads more exciting tips, tricks, new sites, and new products in our Shoestring Summer Shopping Guide next month!

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