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Thank Goodwill It’s Friday: New With Tags

goodwill new with tags

One of my favorite things about the world after iPads is that my Dad and I can now seamlessly send each other “clips” of things we think the other should read, like this Financially Fit story from GALTime he sent me yesterday featuring 10 Things to Buy Used.

Among the great reminders was this quote about buying secondhand clothes from Goodwill:

“Not only is buying used clothing environmentally responsible and cheap, it’s a great way to dress beyond your means…Need more reasons to hit the Goodwill? Many retailers will donate stock that isn’t moving directly to them, meaning you can get brand new clothes at second hand prices.”

I’ve been finding NWT (new with tags) items at Goodwill since I was in junior high, so I thought I’d dedicate this week’s Thank Goodwill It’s Friday feature to a handful of NWT items I’ve thrifted or spotted at thrift stores this year alone — starting with highest retail price:






As many ladies in Boston are still lamenting, famed bridal designer Priscilla of Boston closed her doors this year. Grace Kelly wore Priscilla, my mother wore Priscilla, I had hoped to wear Priscilla, and maybe I even hoped my daughter someday would wear Priscilla. Luckily, after a less-than-chic move, Priscilla donated her remaining gowns (like this one, above) to Goodwill for their new Brides on a Budget series of events. A $4,350 gown for $199.99 is, in my mind, the steal of the century.


Lordie, oh lordie, how I wish this 3.1 Philip Lim skirt, which I found at the Boomerangs Special Edition in Boston’s South End, had fit me better. It was in near-perfect condition, new with tags and an almost imperceptible stain (even though it was marked “badly stained”). In retrospect, for $38 (marked down from $695), it would have been worth picking up for the fabric alone or to dye back to life and give to a friend.


This NWT Barney’s tweed skirt was one of my first official “Thank Goodwill It’s Friday” finds, and did go home with me. For $6.99, marked down from $395, there was no way it was staying put. I never did end up wearing it, but I donated it to our first New York Fashion Week event last year, a clothing swap with The Swapaholics and, where it was picked up by CNN Money anchor Poppy Harlow.


These embellished suede booties from Marc Jacobs were the first thing to catch my eye on my virgin foray into a Savers store, at the Natick location with my tour guide Amy. Sadly, they were size teeny-tiny, but at $12 marked down from $295 they made the perfect gift for our departing rock star intern, Erica, who (lucky girl) has size teeny-tiny feet.



Totally on trend, yet (sniffle) again not quite my size, were these candy-colored pink jeans from Tahari, originally $198 yet Goodwill priced at $9.99, which I found during our “Behind the Scenes” Goodwill blogger event in April. Some lucky swapper at the Fiesta Swap took them home…was it you?




Last, but certainly not least, is another item I picked up at Goodwill Boston during the “Behind the Scenes” blogger event: a NWT J.Crew metallic tweed pencil skirt, originally priced $148 but Goodwill priced at $8.99. I cannot — read: can.NOT! — wait to rock this skirt in the fall.

That’s all for now, but there are plenty more in our Thank Goodwill It’s Friday Flickr collection!

Have you ever found a fantastic NWT item at Goodwill or another thrift store? I’d love to hear all about your scores!

If you’re on Twitter, share in the fun every friday with us by posting your stories & photos of items you’ve thrifted, swapped, antiqued, upcycled, etc. by using the hash tag #ThankGoodwillItsFriday. Happy hunting!


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