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5 Thrifty Things: Gifts Made in IA Under $50

made in iowa under $50

There’s more hipster than Heartland of America coming out of Iowa right now — and we’re pumped to share at least 5 locally made gift ideas under $50 right here in our first-ever Shop Local Guide to the Holidays.

Be sure to check out the rest of our 250 picks for made in USA holiday gifts under $50 on our new interactive US map, where you’ll find our favorite locally made products by state for her, him, kids, the home, the host/hostess, stocking stuffers, even some for pets.

Erin Gotz Geode & Agate Jewelry

Raw, uncut natural stone jewelry is all the rage right now, and designer Erin Gotz is making some gorgeous necklaces and pendants from stalactite, geode, agate, and other natural gemstones right in Calamus — starting at just $15 in her Etsy shop.

Fox River Original Red Heel Socks

Cheeky socks are all the rage in men’s corporate business attire right now, and we can’t think of a better choice than the original Red Heel Socks ($7/pair) from Fox River Mills in Osage. Plus, when he’s done with them, DIY a real sock monkey from them using Fox River’s free sock monkey & sock elephant instructions (PDF).

Jayne Danger Octo Plushies

We seriously cannot get over how cute these handmade plush octopus toys from Ashley Schonberg aka “Jayne Danger” in Ames. From the punk rock octupus ($19) sporting a spiky mohawk to the Tardis police box octopus ($25) of Doctor Who fame, we want one of each for ourselves.

Habitat Handcrafted Timber Home Decor

We love the rustic elegance of these ornaments ($9/six) and candle holders ($13) from (aptly named) Story City crafter Megan Bark.

Becker Lane Organic Farm Heritage Pork

This Dyersville family farm run by Jude Becker has been doing everything right since 1850, from pasture-raising heritage breed pigs to committing to the environment from all angles, making their Porterhouse chops a treat any host can feel good about. (4 for $45, Gilt Taste)

My Two Moms by Zach Wahls

Zach Wahls made history when he testified in front of the Iowa Supreme Court about the reality of his upbringing by two lesbian parents, Jackie Reger and Terry Wahls. (If you haven’t seen the viral video on YouTube, watch it with tissues in hand.) His insightful autobiography, My Two Moms ($13) , is a must-read for the enlightened and the eye-openers alike.

Did we miss your favorite locally made products from Iowa? Definitely share them with us in the comments, we’d love to add them to our shopping lists!