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How to Host a Spaceballs Screening Costume Party

spaceballs halloween alamo drafthouse

Last night, we made the amazing decision to go to the Alamo Drafthouse “Spaceballs Quote-A-Long” — one of my absolute favorite 80s movies from my childhood. While it’s really hard for me to admit that the beloved, classic Mel Brooks space parody is now 26 years old, that didn’t stop us from shouting out favorite lines like we were 3rd graders again watching it for the first time. So. Much. Fun. (Especially since, unlike 3rd graders, we got to order beers & margaritas in the theater at Alamo!)

Spaceballs Halloween

The creativity of the Alamo Drafthouse brand never ceases to amaze me — I’m absolutely positive that it’s the best movie theater chain ever — and they knocked it out of the galaxy with this one. Paying $12 per person to watch a movie easily found on Netflix is SO worth it when done like they do: an Alamo show concierge in a Barf costume, hosting a live light saber fight in the front row for two willing kid volunteers from the audience, and each viewer received a “We Ain’t Found Shit” comb, mini Schwartz gun, packet of raspberry jam, and noisemaker — “so we can make sure Dot Matrix’s virgin alarm is ever watchful as we thwart Lonestar’s advances.”

Spaceballs Halloween

Spaceballs Halloween

For last night’s screening, I even tried to copy Princess Vespa with a white wedding dress (aka the after party dress from my own wedding) and some braid buns…though my fine hair wasn’t making for big buns. If I were really doing this as a costume, I would grab an 80s wedding dress from Goodwill and cover a pair of hard shell headphones with wig braids.

Spaceballs Halloween

If you’re looking for a super fun way to celebrate Halloween without going to a traditional Halloween party, try hosting a screening of Spaceballs at home. Not only could it be the ultimate group costume — there’s a neverending supply of characters to choose from or assign — and a gimme of a menu, but all you need to do is play the movie with Closed Captioning on and encourage everyone to say their favorite quotes along with the film. It was A BLAST.

Spaceballs Halloween

Here’s how I would put together a Spaceballs party/menu at home:


  • Pack of Ace combs
  • Plastic noisemakers
  • Matched luggage (optional, props/decoration)
  • White parasols
  • Light saber toys or mini light up toy guns


  • Lone Star beers (if you happen to be in Texas)
  • “Liquid Schwartz” cocktails
    (get creative, just needs to be bright blue)
  • “Perri-Air” water
    (cover cans or bottles of Perrier seltzer with paper labels)
  • Mr. Coffee/Mr. Radar coffees
    (Google image search, print & cover coffeemaker with paper label)
  • “Jam the radar”
    platter of cheese, crackers & raspberry preserves
  • Yogurt dip for fruit or veggies (Greek yogurt & Nutella dip for fruit, Greek yogurt & French onion soup mix for veggies)
  • “Pizza the Hutt” pizzas
    (preferably with everything, pepperoni works)
  • Barf’s “mawg” bones
    (make peanut butter cookies in the shape of dog bones)
  • “Surrounded by Assholes”
    cake pops (dark chocolate & white chocolate)

Here’s the original Spaceballs trailer from 1987 for more inspiration:

On Thursday, we’re headed to downtown Austin for the Alamo’s free screening of Ghostbusters in Republic Square Park, and I have a special menu planned for that, too. Naturally. Stay tuned!