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Sunday Funnies: Hungry Games, Hot Guys + Cute Pets

the hungry games sesame street

When I was a kid, I sprung awake with anticipation of the paper’s arrival on Sundays like most kids on Christmas morning — it meant the best comics of the week had arrived. Now, I’m rounding up a few of the things that made me go “awwww” and LOL each week — hoping they make you smile, too. Especially in this age of health care crises, laughter is the best medicine, and it’s totally free.

I cannot stop laughing at this Hunger Games parody, with Cookie Monster taking on the heroic lead and Peeta, well, as a pita bread. It’s even funnier right now after coming home from the Catching Fire matinee. Watch. Repeat.

Kudos to Kmart for taking a risk — and being a little risque — with their holiday campaign this year. I could watch this all. day. long.

Everyone knows I have a soft spot for rescue dogs and puppies of all kinds. I especially love all the attention that blogger Jessica Shyba of Momma’s Gone City is getting for her daily Instagrams of the naptime cuddling shared by her toddler Beau and their recently adopted shepherd/boxer/lab mix, Theo — mostly because she’s using the platform to drive awareness and donations for the Santa Cruz SPCA, disproving the myth for many that you should give up your pet when you have a child. Seriously, who does that?

I don’t normally take joy in schadenfreude, but there’s just something so very meta and postmodern and hilarious about this Brooklyn comic’s live blog/tweetfest of his neighbors’ very public breakup.

I’m not really a cat person, but like any red-blooded woman I love seeing a hunky guy and his soft side, especially when it’s for a good cause. If you were moved by the recent GoPro video of the firefighter saving the tiny little kitten, you’ll love this fundraising calendar from the Hull Seaside Animal Rescue (a no-kill shelter in Mass) pairing adoptable cats and half-naked, hot-bodied local law enforcement officers. Can you say Christmas presents?

Hipsters are endlessly funny, as is anything that pokes fun at our collective obsession with all things “craft” and “artisan” right now (as honoroble as those pursuits may be). Even though I know the swimming scenes are fictional, it definitely makes me more a little glad I’m gluten-free and allergic to beer.

What made YOU laugh this week? Feel free to share links, posts, etc. in the comments below. Love to hear from  you!