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Why We Moved From Boston to Austin

Why We Moved from Somerville to South Austin

Andrew and I bought a house — our first home — in Austin back on June 1st, and I’ve been dying to share our story with you. Not just about our home buying experience, and why we decided to buy real estate in Austin after only living here for 10 months, not knowing if we’re going to stay here “permanently,” whatever that means anymore, but about why we moved from Boston to Austin in the first place.

Today, I shared our story in one of the most terrifying and impassioned pieces I’ve ever published, in the Sunday edition of The Boston Globe no less. (Read the entire story online here.) But there’s only so much you can say in a 900-word column, and much was left on the cutting room floor. I can’t wait to share the rest of our story with you — along with a lot more discussion of not only the rising cost of living in America’s top 15 urban areas, but the hugely important issues associated with it. (Plus much more coverage of personal finance, budgeting, gardening, and home improvement projects than I’ve ever shared here on Shoestring before!)

Right now, I’m emotionally and mentally drained from the month-long anticipation of sharing such a personal journey with the world in one of America’s finest still-standing print newspapers, so I’m off to celebrate the housewarming (and 1st birthday celebration!) of some other recent Northeast expats now living in Austin with their baby daughter, and detach myself from the internets (and online newspaper commenters).

Though we’re still absolutely heartbroken about leaving Somerville, we’re taking comfort in the new community of friends we’re slowly building here. There really are great places to live and great people everywhere if you take the time to look and get to know them. I’d always loved making new friends and discovering new cities when my dad was on active duty with the Air Force when I was growing up, and though it’s much more difficult at 35 it’s been a real growth experience to have to figure out how to do that all over again as an adult. Just another part of this joyful and challenging adventure, bringing us even closer as a couple, and I’m thankful for every step of the way. No matter how bittersweet some of them have been.

~ M