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5 Resolution-Ready, Healthy, Affordable & Gluten-Free Recipes

healthy gluten free recipes budget new year resolutions

While I don’t really believe in resolutions — I try instead to find balance within a day, week, or month, rather than a manic push in January each year — I still make them just like everybody else.

If you’re trying to get healthy on a budget this month, check out these five favorites from the Shoestring archives. They’re delicious AND verified crowd-pleasers, so you can put them into heavy rotation for weekly dinners and weekend parties, as well:

mustard marinated grilled chicken


If there’s one recipe I’ve ever published or shared between friends and family that could be dubbed unequivocally most popular, it would be this mustard-marinated grilled chicken. Simplified, this recipe is really just five ingredients — equal parts mustard, white wine vinegar, and olive oil, plus salt and pepper — which create a marinade (or salad dressing) with tons of gourmet flavor but none of the guilt. Even my stepmother, who self-admittedly hates chicken, loves this recipe. SCORE.

detox salad shaved brussels sprouts


According to food critics, Brussels sprouts have officially replaced kale as the trendy vegetable du jour — which is awesome, because they’re also a powerful superfood and known cancer-fighter. I love this shaved Brussels sprouts salad because it enables you to eat them “raw” and retain all those badass nutrients. (It’s also a great way to use up avocados that are just past ripeness.) I make this salad year-round and often bring it to pot lucks and Sunday football parties, never bringing home anything but an empty bowl.

3 bean quinoa chili


My friend Julie introduced me to this quinoa chili recipe over dinner at her house about six years ago, and I’ve been making it at least once a month ever since. You can make it vegan, vegetarian, or meat-loving and it loses absolutely nothing by omission. Protein-packed quinoa, tomato, and a blend of fresh and dried spices and herbs make this *the* go-to healthy winter warmer at our house, especially for a crowd.

DIY green juice cleanse


One of the first things I ever made & adapted from Pinterest was this green juice recipe from Muffin Tin Mania, loving how simple it was: one blender full makes 12 servings, or one week’s worth of fresh green juice for two adults (with one cheat day somewhere in there), frozen in cupcake pans. Just pop one of the frozen cups into a blender, add coconut water or almond milk, blend, and go! Way easier and oodles cheaper than the juice bar or a fancy cleanse. My adapted recipe has been Pinned & Stumbled more than 50K times, so I know you guys love it, too!

peanut butter protein balls recipe gluten free


By replacing confectionery sugar with whey protein in my mom’s recipe for peanut butter balls, I was able to perfectly replicate the pricey post-workout snack they sell for $1 a pop at my gym juice bar for about half the price. Since I originally published this recipe for NoshOn.It, I found out that I’m allergic to wheat, so now I omit wheat germ to make them gluten free, but they’re still delicious and get the job done!