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Meatless Monday: Copycat Life Alive Bowls

life alive copycat goddess bowl recipe

Despite the fact that Austin might just, could quite possibly be, absolutely is the capital of the world when it comes to delicious, healthy, gluten-free and vegan food, there’s one thing I can’t get here that I crave more than anything: Goddess Bowls from Life Alive Cafe in Cambridge. I miss them like whoa. There’s just something about that combo of freshly steamed veggies, brown rice, and ginger crack sauce that turned me into an addict, and even after turning over every juice bar in town, I still haven’t found a fix.

Enter: this copycat recipe from Boston fitness blogger/vlogger Sarah Dussault, aka Sarah Fit. It took me months (ok, a year) since she first tweeted it at me, offering up a solution to my senseless situation, to actually give it a try, and I’ve now eaten it EVERY DAY since. It’s that good. And there’s virtually nothing about it that’s bad for you! Brown rice, steamed veggies, and ginger/garlic/tahini/olive oil/tamari/etc.

I think one of my favorite things about this dish is that you can buy all the organic veggies frozen, and buy the brown rice in bulk, saving you oodles of money without losing much (if any) of the nutritional value. Now THAT’S a copycat recipe I can get behind. We’re trying to embrace Meatless Monday as a way to cut back on our meat consumption in general (as any self-respecting animal rights advocate should), but also as a way to cut down on our grocery bill. I’m loving the opportunity to work my way through all these damn delicious, filling, crowd-pleasing and good-for-us dishes I’ve had pinned for too long, and promise to share more of them with you as we find new favorites. This one is definitely staying in heavy rotation!

life alive copycat ginger crack sauce


  • Broccoli (steamed, florets)
  • Kale (steamed, rough chop)
  • Carrots (steamed, chopped)
  • Beets (roasted, diced)
  • Tofu (silk, diced)
  • Brown rice
  • Ginger crack sauce (recipe: Sarah Fit)

First, get your brown rice going, because if you’re making it “the right way” it’s going to take 45-55 minutes on the stove. “Instant” brown rice is fine in a pinch, and only takes 10 minutes, but it’s not nearly as nutritious and much pricier by the cup than bulk brown rice grains! Then, get all your veggies steaming. If you don’t own a steamer, I highly recommend this one — we use it daily. From frozen, the broccoli generally takes the longest, about 10-12 minutes. You may have to steam your veggies in two batches, depending on the size of your steamer, but if you layer them, put them in this order (bottom to top) for the best results: broccoli, carrots, kale. You can roast the beets yourself ahead of time, or I tend to stock up on them pre-roasted from Love Beets whenever they’re on sale. Dice those up and set aside. Next, drain your silken tofu and dice in a rough chop, bite size pieces. Now make your ginger crack sauce. Unless, like me, you want to make this dish several times in a week, in which case I would make a double (or even a triple!) recipe and store in a Mason jar in the fridge. (I love the reCAP for storing & pouring homemade dressings of all kinds.) Once everything is ready, fill a bowl with about 1 cup of rice, layer on your veggies and tofu, and cover in your desired amount of Ginger Crack Sauce. Go crazy, it’s good for you, really!

Here are a few other gluten-free vegetarian recipes I’ve been pinning recently & can’t wait to try out:

Kung Pao Chickpeas (gawd, I miss good Chinese food)
Baked Buffalo Cauliflower Dip (hello, Super Bowl!)
60-Second Chia Seed Blackberry Jam (um, yum)
Cauliflower Tortillas (potentially revolutionary to taco night)
Grilled Coconut-Glazed Corn (because, grilling is 52 weeks a year Texas & I bore easily!)

What are YOUR favorite (gluten-free) Meatless Monday recipes? I’m always looking for new ideas! Follow me on Pinterest for my Gluten Free Gourmande board & let’s share recipes.

  • I need to try this STAT, lol! And I also need that plate, so cute!



    • shoestringmag

      Thanks, Sophie! Definitely let me know if you do – want to know what you think! Also, the plates are our wedding china & they’re discontinued, but you can sometimes find them on eBay, etc. They’re from Pillivuyt & the pattern is called “Brasserie.” 🙂