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Vintage Mikasa + Brunch Ideas

mothers day brunch vintage goodwill

This year, I thought it would be really fun to poll my mom friends on Facebook and find out, in a very real and crowdsourced way, what mothers actually want for Mother’s Day. The most popular answer? Having their car detailed, without them having to lift a finger. Seems pretty blissful to me, too (as I stare out the window at a filthy VW Golf that we treat like a pickup truck, complete with a dog-puke-covered back hatch…)

mothers day brunch vintage mikasa

Find out what else they said in this pretty, thrifted Mother’s Day guide for Austin Goodwill I wrote this week, including a set of vintage Mikasa plates from Goodwill that remind me of my own mom’s decorating style from around the time when I would’ve been covering the kitchen in flour while trying to make her pancakes, long before I could even see over the counters. (Also, back when we could both eat flour, which is why I sent her a care package including those 35th Birthday Celebration gluten-free pancake mixes from Kerbey Lane this year. Only a year off from when she officially became a mom upon my arrival!)

mothers day brunch kerbey lane pancakes gluten free

Here are some more of my favorite vintage Mother’s Day brunch ideas from the archives:

new year's day brunch budget

My own mama’s famous fried baked potatoes, which as an adult I crave more often than I’d like to admit, paired with these amazing (and amazingly easy) bacon-wrapped egg cups. No fuss, little mess, and even dads/kids can do it. All you need is a greased muffin tin and a cast iron skillet!

perfect gluten free banana bread shoestring

This gluten-free banana bread made with Greek yogurt is a spin on the banana bread my mom has been making for us weekly for as long as I can remember. I’ve tinkered with it for a few years in order to get the ratio of gluten-free flours just right, and it’s damn near perfect. Plus, you can make it ahead of time!

best use for leftover spaghetti

Show mom you’ve heard all her waste-not, want-not wisdom over the years and make this savory torte, or as I call it, The Best Damn Use for Leftover Spaghetti, Ever, based on a recipe originally shared by Giada de Laurentis for brunch ideas from her own childhood in Italy.

nutella greek yogurt dip recipe
Nutella dip + fresh strawberries are simple & quick to make, easier than whipping up pancake batter, appropriately indulgent, even healthy! Go up a level and use them both as the filling for crepes to really make mom feel spoiled, especially when paired with mimosas.

Speaking of vintage, moms would really also appreciate some wine on their big day off. Let my friend Tyler show you how to find the best possible wine, personalized for your individual mom, by figuring what type of mom she is (mine is an over-liking-on-Facebook-helicopter, one-drink-drunk mom, which makes perfect sense because she is ALL about sweet/fizzy Washington State wines! Love you, mom!) in this brand-new video from Second Glass:

Goodwill brunch photos by Chelsea Laine Francis.
Recipe photos by Melissa Massello/Shoestring.
Video courtesy of Second Glass.