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Consigned to Addiction: Uptown Austin

uptown cheapskate austin sign south lamar

In honor of Throwback Thursday today, and the kickoff to their 3-day Semi-Annual Sale today, I want to share my new favorite local resale shop with you. It’s an addiction, really. And a great replacement for clothing swaps in my life, the missing link to decluttering, editing my wardrobe, and re-acquiring pieces I actually need without spending a fortune.

Meet Uptown Cheapskate Austin.

Just a few months after moving to South Austin from Boston, a sign went up in a retail space near our favorite breakfast spot announcing the opening of a new consignment shop. To say I was giddy as a schoolgirl is an understatement. And the reality waaaaay overdelivered on the promise.

Unlike Buffalo Exchange, which generally only accepts super-hipster-juniors styles (read: skirts that don’t cover your bum & clothes that anyone over 30 would feel slightly ridiculous wearing), Uptown accepts a wide variety of sizes and styles, all of them current and on-trend, and they’re also exceptional at curating quality while keeping the prices affordable. Designer labels right along department store brands, all for far less than you’d find at thrift stores — and in far better condition.

uptown cheapskate austin 1 year anniversary party

I’ve been buying and selling at Uptown Austin every week since they opened last year, and recently celebrated their 1st birthday with them (and Chelsea and Catelyn) at a little in-store sip & shop soiree. It was so cool to see so many of my once-loved items for sale throughout the store, and to see other girls oooh-ing and ahhhh-ing over them and trying them on. It did my sharing economy soul good. Especially seeing this sequined number, which I wore to our dear friends’ wedding at the French Legation Museum last fall, find a new home!

uptown austin sequin dress wedding

uptown cheapskate austin resale shoestring sequin dress

Chelsea and I returned the following weekend for their quarterly Fill-A-Bag sale, which really reminded me of our Swapaholics events in the early days — early birds guarding their prime spot in line, a mad dash to grab the good stuff once the doors open, and yet no elbow dropping, just politeness and proxy girlfriends helping each other find the things they’re looking for, passing their edits on to someone else who might enjoy them more. Each bag was just $15 (if you had a coupon from the birthday party, each bag was just $10) and you could stuff that bag full of finds right up until the handles broke. AND it was a charity fundraiser to build schools in Africa. Winning, winning, winning.

uptown austin fill a bag sale 2015

uptown cheapsakte fill a bag sale mad dash

Here’s an extended peek at my haul, one full bag and a second bag split with Chelsea, all for $15 total!

uptown cheapskate austin fill a bag sale haul pile

uptown cheapskate austin fill a bag sale haul dresses uptown cheapskate austin fill a bag sale haul spread

The first thing I pulled from this pile was that deer-printed satin pajama top, for the Pitch Perfect 2 Pajama Party at the Alamo Drafthouse…which Chelsea and I turned up to a full week early. Oops.

uptown austin deer print pajama top

Also, when I found myself with an invitation to the final runway show for Austin Fashion Week and (of course) had nothing to wear, I knew Uptown would have my back, and I had plenty of store credit from spring cleaning (and the ruthless selling of any wardrobe items I hadn’t worn in a year) to use in exchange. I got nothing but compliments on this head-to-toe Uptown outfit, a little black neoprene dress with vegan leather details, drool-worthy Etro wedges, and a funky statement necklace, all for under $75.

uptown austin fashion week dressing room selfie

uptown cheapskate austin etro wedges

uptown austin fashion week outfit dress necklace

uptown austin fashion week 2015 outfit

uptown austin fashion week distillery shoestring

I had such an amazingly easy time pulling together a full outfit on a budget, I went back to Uptown when I needed an outfit for The White Party, the annual fundraiser for Lifeworks Austin, and scored this super-70s-sexpot NWT Halston Heritage dress and NWOT braided white vegan leather sandals for just $42 total. Hello! I felt a bit like a cross between a Grecian goddess and Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface all night long. Serious smokeshow. The gold snake cuff, gold-rimmed agate necklace, and gold stacking rings all came from Uptown, too. (Ramsha Leaf earrings from Raven + Lily were a Christmas gift from my sister.)

uptown cheapskate austin white party 2015

uptown cheapskate white party 2015 selfie

The very first thing I ever scored at Uptown, which has been in heavy rotation lately now that the sun has FINALLY returned to Texas, is this deeply discounted, NWT Ella Moss tank. Just LOOK at those savings. On top of that, I had a Groupon that doubled my money, so it was basically free. That’s how that math works, right?

uptown cheapskate austin NWT ella moss tags

uptown austin ella moss gold snake cuff

uptown austin NWT ella moss tank

Last, but certainly not least, some of my favorite super-Shoestring loungewear came from Uptown, too — including my Writing Shirt …but also these…writing pants!

uptown austin money leggings shoestring

uptown austin money leggings jack whippet

Yes, they’re outrageous. And nerdy. And I luuuurve them. Jack approves, too. Dolla dolla bills, y’all.

To score your own budget- and eco-friendly, new and like-new secondhand, maybe slightly outrageous style, get thee to Uptown Austin this weekend. The crew at Uptown has marked down literally thousands of items — apparel, jewelry and shoes in the Semi-Annual Sale starting today — and for every sale item you buy, you’ll get one 50% off. (Buy 5 items and get 5 more 50% off.) Plus, all “Uptowners” who RSVP on the Facebook event page can take 10% off their entire purchase of regularly priced apparel, shoes, and jewelry, too.

Uptown Cheapskate Austin
3005 South Lamar Boulevard
South Austin, TX 78704
(in the Kerbey Lane/Torchy’s Tacos plaza)
(512) 462-4646

Can’t make it in time for the big semi-annual sale? Check back next week for an exclusive July coupon just for Shoestring readers! Have you shopped or sold at Uptown Cheapskate Austin? Love to hear from you!

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