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Goodbye Twice, Hello eBay Valet

twice clothes SF headquarters SOMA shoestring

Just like the clothes they sell, Twice — one of my favorite online consignment shops — will be getting a second life and a new home. In an announcement to customers this week, the Twice co-founders shared the news that they’ll be winding down operations and joining eBay to power eBay Valet.

twice clothes joins ebay

I’ve been buying and selling on Twice for years now, giving the service a try very early on in their story after one of my favorite Boston startup friends moved to San Francisco to join the Twice team. We’ve shared many a fun secondhand style collaboration in my Twice Loved series here on Shoestring, and I even got take a tour of Twice HQ in SoMa when I was in the Bay Area last spring.

twice clothes SF headquarters SOMA shoestring twice clothes SF tour shoestring

So I’m sad about the change, but I’m also excited about the prospect of finally selling on eBay for the first time, something I’ve never done (despite buying on eBay for over a decade) because the hurdles of figuring out the right pricing, shipping, etc. were just too confusing and stressful. But now that they’re introducing a concierge service that works like Twice (and thredUP, my other favorite online consignment shop), I’m definitely going to send in a bag of stuff and see what happens. Could be fun and lucrative, especially since they’re promising 80% commission on sales… Stay tuned.

ebay valet launch concierge selling

In the meantime, shop the Twice final sale right now with code FINAL30 for 30% off everything left in stock until midnight TONIGHT! I have my eye on a JCrew Collection blazer, better grab it before it’s gone…

twice clothes closing sale


  • Elyse Andrews

    Perfect timing for me, as I’m looking to sell some clothes online. Thanks lady!

    • shoestringmag

      Awesome, glad I could help – and sorry I never responded to your email! Haven’t tried eBay Valet yet, but I highly recommend thredUP. If you click through the thredUP link above to my story on them, there’s a referral link & we each get $10. 🙂

      • Elyse Andrews

        No worries, I knew you were traveling! 🙂