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The Fine Goods Pop-Up

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One of the things I love the most about Austin is that shoppers here are much more focused on the quality and the backstory of the items that they buy for themselves and their families, or as gifts for friends & loved ones, than the average bear. There’s a pervasive and passionate appreciation here for vintage, for the history of tangible objects — a starstruck awe in seeing and holding items that are older than many Texans’ own family lineage and oral history. And the creative community here is so vibrant, so cherished, that makers are celebrated and supported in ways that are authentic and meaningful, and that make being a curator or skilled craftsman actually viable. Being a part of that community is something that moves me in ways that make me so proud of our decision to pick up and leave Boston for this here Hill Country exactly two years ago this week.

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One of the people I love most in the Austin creative community is Catelyn Silapachai of The Distillery Market, the first friend I made outside of my existing crew of bloggers and East Coast expats, bravely breaking out and going on a blind date last July with this girl I met on Instagram. It was kismet. We both loved vintage and thrift score treasure hunting, were professed “crazy dog ladies” for our sighthounds, and we gabbed until last call about books and travel and wine and empowering open-minded, talented women to realize their true potential. We even shared perspective on religion and politics without reproach, though our views aren’t necessarily always the same. That’s the mark of a friendship bound to stand the test of time, just like a fine quality good.

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So it’s with great pride that I now get to watch close by as Catelyn is rapidly yet intentionally building her brand and her creative empire here in Texas, and to participate in her first-ever live market, bringing together all of her favorite Austin-based but online-only makers and curators in collaboration, at The Fine Goods Pop-Up market. TOMORROW!

the fine goods pop up market austin tx the distillery

Here are all the details, please swing by if you can:

The Fine Goods Pop-Up
Hosted by The Distillery
Thursday September 10th
6:30 to 9:30 pm
Black Lagoon Art + Yoga
4301 Guadalupe Street
Austin, TX 78751
(Hyde Park)

Catelyn’s equally amazing husband DJ Komson will be there spinning a cool shopping vibe, with complimentary sweet treats from Baked by Amy’s and a tasting of hatch chile cider from Fairweather Cider Co.

All of the vendors are as amazing as people as they are talented, which I learned earlier this summer when we all got together for a little pre-market happy hour Catelyn hosted at Whisler’s. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet fellow Boston-to-Austin transplants Amanda & Khiem of A&K Woodworking and Design, who are making the most swoon-worthy furniture; or the opportunity to meet earth mama Mariska of Olive + M, whose elegant line of organic skincare is made from Texas olive oil. Get to know all the makers over on Catelyn’s blog at or on her social media channels (Instagram and Facebook), or in this interview with Good Day Austin earlier this week (video).

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I’ll be at The Fine Goods with a table, selling off a collection of thrift scores and vintage finds for the home, many of which you can preview now on My Corner on (and in this post) along with some freshly picked pieces and small handmade items that I’ve personally DIY’ed … though I’m sure any sales I make are just going to go straight into the pockets of the other vendors, all insanely talented purveyors of handcrafted furniture, organic beauty products, jewelry, prints, pottery and vintage fashion, home goods, and accessories. That’s how it goes! I mean, I did just tell the editors of the Krrb blog last month, “My one-in, one-out policy means that as soon as my own items sell, I’ll be in the market for some new and stylish additions.” It’s the cirlce of life.

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Photos by Chelsea Laine Francis.
Event poster design by The Brand Stand for The Distillery.