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Confessions of an eBay Virgin

my secondhand style ethical fashion closet thredup

When it comes to rehoming my stuff, I’m an equal opportunity reseller. In the last decade and a half since Craigslist first hit the interwebs, if there’s been an app or a marketplace in which you can list your stuff for sale, I’ve probably tried it at least once. That is, except the grandaddy of them all, that behemoth of all resale giants: eBay.

Why? Where do I start? Between calculating and weighing the options related to the fees, the various selling methods (auctions versus Buy it Now, etc.), the shipping, and all the other things that go into getting a single listing up and running, eBay just always seemed too confusing to be worth it. It was like the root canal of reselling options to me: painful, anxiety-inducing, and very little reward.

But when I was faced with several Tupperware bins full of clothes and accessories edited out of my wardrobe so that I could start fresh with just a curated collection of favorites in my beautiful new “editor’s closet” (more on that soon), and frustrated that my favorite consignment shop du jour just started paying out less than half of what they previously offered, eBay was the last stone left unturned in my adventures of keeping my stuff in circulation while scoring a little cash in return.

That’s when a lightbulb went off: I happen to know, spend regular time with, and occasionally interview some of the best in the biz, so why can’t I just have one of my expert eBay-selling friends list my stuff FOR ME, and then we split the profits? I mean, genius, right? I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner.

Enter: Melissa’s Collection on the Road Darling eBay Store.

melissa shoestring collection ebay resale

Owner, blogger, and dear Boston-to-Austin friend Courtney Mirenzi recently shared her expert resale tips here on Shoestring — and even more recently was featured on US News & World Report — so who better to help me offer up my closet for you to shop? Nobody, that’s who.

Off went a trunkload of my things to Courtney’s photo studio, and now at least 100 (!!) of my once-loved pieces are currently listed up for grabs — I’m almost embarrassed for you to see how many are new with tags — for yourself or to stash away as holiday gifts for loved ones.

Already, we’ve sold at least a dozen items, which allowed me to pay off a little bit more of that debt we’ve been accruing since buying our little slice of domestic bliss with our Austin dream home last year. Speaking of: If you happen to be in Austin, I just listed a slew of stuff on Craigslist, too …because ain’t nobody got time for shipping furniture or wedding gowns!

Have you also been too scared, confused, or frustrated to sell on eBay? Love to hear from you! ~M


  • So glad I can help you out with the eBay stuff. I think it was the perfect fit for both of us!