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DIY spa gifts lavender bluebonnet scrub

Texas Hill Country Lavender & Bluebonnet Salt Scrub

Texas Hill Country Lavender & Bluebonnet salt scrub for holiday gifts, inspired by our anniversary weekend at the Fredericksburg Herb Farm back in October & using the base recipe for my ever-popular coconut oil & salt scrub of half coarse salt, half epsom salt for sore & tired muscles, dried Hill Country lavender & bluebonnet essential oil.

DIY coconut oil beauty products

6 DIY Beauty Recipes Using Coconut Oil

My ever popular coconut oil & lime scrub recipe, using a mix of salt and Epsom salt for sore & tired muscles and fresh lime juice & zest, originally featured on in the story 6 DIY beauty treatments made with coconut oil – which now has over 5,000 pins on Pinterest!

eco friendly beauty travel sets

10 Budget & Eco-Friendly Travel Kits & Beauty Sets

It’s true that good things do come in small packages, and we’ve even come to love the TSA restrictions that have challenged us to find affordable versions of our favorite products in 3-oz-or-less bottles — and challenged top beauty brands to make travel sets more widely available.

10 green eco red lipsticks under $20

10 Green & Gorgeous Red Lipsticks Under $20

Recessions may come and go, but one beauty product is forever: red lipstick. Leonard Lauder, CEO of Estee Lauder until 1999, even found that when times are hard, sales of his tinted tubes go through the roof — coining a term economists now call “The Lipstick Index.”

making educated beauty choices

Pretty Dangerous: Making Educated Beauty Choices

Every woman has her beauty staples and favorites. Personally, even if I’m in a rush to get out of the house, I never appear in public without a little CoverGirl LastBlash mascara, a touch of Clinique Blushing Brush Powder, and a spritz of DKNY Be Delicious. This has been my routine since I could drive myself to Macy’s — simple enough.

beauty apps

5 Thrifty Things: Beauty-Savvy Smartphone Apps

With summer in full swing, now is a great time to test out new and trendy beauty products and styles. Experimenting with your look or your locks can be daunting, though, and no one wants to end up with black nails when everyone is wearing green, or green hair when you wanted blonde.

sunscreen safety

What I Didn’t Know About My Sunscreen

Now that I’ve been out of school for two weeks and the daily temperatures are reaching ninety degrees, I can’t help but think it’s about time for me to get a tan. Driving to the office this morning, I was more than aware of my pale complexion shining in the corner of my eye from the rearview mirror, practically blinding me through my sunglasses.