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shoestring krrb fine goods pop up austin tx needlepoint

The Fine Goods Pop-Up

Tomorrow, just in time for Thrift Score Thursday, I’ll be at the first-ever Fine Goods Pop-Up by The Distillery here in Austin with a table, selling off a collection of thrift scores and vintage finds for the home, many of which you can preview now on My Corner on (and in this post) along with some freshly picked pieces and small handmade items that I’ve personally DIY’ed … though I’m sure any sales I make are just going to go straight into the pockets of the other vendors, all insanely talented purveyors of handcrafted furniture, organic beauty products, jewelry, prints, pottery and vintage fashion, home goods, and accessories.

game of thrones party kitchen LARP

Kitchen LARPing for Game of Thrones

I’m a huge nerd when it comes to theme parties, especially ones based on my favorite books, TV shows, and movies. When you really get into the spirit with “live action role play” (LARP) through costumes, decor, or cuisine, it just adds another whole level of enjoyment to favorite stories and characters.

shailene woodley organic minimalist

Why I Wish Shailene Woodley Was a Columnist

Yes, I’m one of those people: the thirtysomethings who devoured the Divergent books and couldn’t get enough. But this isn’t the part where I critique the series. It *is* where I share my love for Shailene Woodley as a human being and as a beacon of hope for her generation.

puppy bowl italian greyhound ROMP

Sunday Funnies: 10th Puppy Bowl, SodaStream & GoldieBlox

I know I sound like a spoiled brat, but as a New England fan, for the first time in years I don’t know who to cheer on in the Super Bowl today. Even though it’s been a long time since I really cared about football (I’m more of a basketball & hockey girl), it still feels weird. Luckily, the thing I’ve always looked forward to the most is the Puppy Bowl.

spotify premium road trips

Our Gen X CD Problem & The Value of Spotify Premium

I’m officially saying goodbye to all our CDs this weekend, and though it feels like the end of an era, the ease and portability of music without the clutter — and the ability to have playlists for parties or road trips readily on hand wherever I may roam — is well worth the $10/month.

the hungry games sesame street

Sunday Funnies: Hungry Games, Hot Guys + Cute Pets

When I was a kid, I sprung awake with anticipation of the paper’s arrival on Sundays like most kids on Christmas morning — it meant the best comics of the week had arrived. Now, I’m rounding up a few of the things that made me go “awwww” and LOL each week — hoping they make you smile, too.

instacraft book alison caporimo

3 Easy, 5-Minute InstaCrafts with Alison Caporimo

Now that Halloween has come and gone, I’m starting to get really excited about the holidays — and freaking out about getting a jump on DIY holiday gifts, especially things like infused liqueurs and other projects that need to be made more than a month ahead. Enter: InstaCraft.