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salt dough ornaments denise woodward

DIY Salt Dough Ornament Recipe

If you’re looking for a last-minute gift idea, need gift tags on the fly, or just something to keep the little ones busy, check out my DIY Home column for this month featuring my family’s tried-and-true salt dough recipe, which was also the very first kitchen craft I remember making with my mom!

DIY spa gifts lavender bluebonnet scrub

Texas Hill Country Lavender & Bluebonnet Salt Scrub

Texas Hill Country Lavender & Bluebonnet salt scrub for holiday gifts, inspired by our anniversary weekend at the Fredericksburg Herb Farm back in October & using the base recipe for my ever-popular coconut oil & salt scrub of half coarse salt, half epsom salt for sore & tired muscles, dried Hill Country lavender & bluebonnet essential oil.

Kale Chimichurri: My New Staple

A few weekends ago, our friends Tyler & Morgan came for a visit from LA, and we do what we always do: cook up a storm, drink a lot of super tasty yet affordable wines (because they’re my favorite experts), and brainstorm the next billion dollar idea. Like this kale chimichurri.

Gluten-Free Goodies by Subscription with UrthBox

I’m a huge fan of subscription boxes, especially those that allow you to  save money while discovering new products in areas you’re passionate about — like organic, non-GMO, gluten-free food, for instance. Because, if you have to follow a special diet for medical reasons like me, you know it can REALLY ADD UP.

game of thrones party kitchen LARP

Kitchen LARPing for Game of Thrones

I’m a huge nerd when it comes to theme parties, especially ones based on my favorite books, TV shows, and movies. When you really get into the spirit with “live action role play” (LARP) through costumes, decor, or cuisine, it just adds another whole level of enjoyment to favorite stories and characters.

gluten free girl scout cookies

The New Gluten Free Girl Scout Cookies

Suddenly finding out that you have a food allergy can be not only surprisingly expensive but downright depressing — especially when that means you can no longer indulge in sacred American food traditions, like Girl Scout Cookie season.