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8 easy gluten free holiday cookie recipes

8 Easy, Gluten Free Holiday Cookie Recipes

Just over a year since finding out — after many, many, MANY uncomfortable doctor’s visits, minor surgeries & tests — that I’m highly allergic to wheat (and shellfish) and having to suddenly switch to a completely gluten-free diet, I can say with authority that no time of year can be more frustrating (read: depressing) than the holidays.

gluten free thanksgiving under $25

Operation Turkey + Thanksgiving for 2 Under $25

For the first time in our adult lives, my husband and I will be spending Thanksgiving far away from home and family and friends in Boston — 2,200 miles to be exact. Something about the distance has given me a more introspective awareness of how lucky we are, despite a year that was awful and trying in so many ways, and of our duty to help those less fortunate.

gluten free pumpkin pie smoothie

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie with Banana & Oatmeal

OK, my addiction to pumpkin has officially hit full tilt. I knew it was going to be hard acclimating to a different climate in Texas, but I didn’t know how hard it was going to be missing the change of seasons back in New England — especially as we near Thanksgiving and I’m still wearing sundresses and flip flops, verging on near-manic nostalgia for a real fall.

how to make totchos tater tot nachos

Gluten Free Nacho Alternatives: Totchos & Frito Pie

Down here in Longhorn country, one thing is for certain: Football is no longer just a game, and weekends are no longer just for brunch. I’m surrounded by Burnt Orange in every direction and the TVs are all tuned to game day coverage — NFL, college, and high school games. (Hook ’em!)

fever break punch recipe deep eddy vodka

Fever Break Punch with Deep Eddy Ruby Red

The last few weeks of Fall-like, 70-degree days and cooler nights have been an absolute gift after all those sweltering heatwaves of July — at least for me, since we’re going to miss September and October in New England (my absolute favorite time of year and place to spend it in) when we move to…Austin, over Labor Day. (There! I said it! Everybody freak out now!)

money saving mint ice cubes

Freezing Herbs & Mint Ice Cubes

I love mint in the summertime. The first sip of a mint julep during Derby Days in May always gives me hope that vacation is around the corner — and nothing seems to soothe a hot, humid summer swelter in the height of August quite like an iced tea with mint.