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Whippet, Whippet Deux

It should surprise no one that when it comes to dogs, like most other things in my life, I’m a huge fan of finding them secondhand: adopting them and giving them a good home after others have discarded them (usually through no fault of their own). When the time is right to find a new furry friend, we always look first to shelters and breed rescues, and are happy to introduce Jack, our newly adopted whippet brother for Pixie!


My Writing Shirt

The daily life of a writer is so often isolating, and I still finding it’s hard to block out the noise of social media and the world at large, focus on my own unique voice, and get in the zone to put my valuable, personal insights out there into the universe. And that’s where my writing shirt comes in.

DIY Lighting Upgrade Swap Out Builder Basics

DIY Lighting: Swap Out Builder Basics for Under $100

For my latest collaboration with Home Depot, I shared expert lighting tips I’ve picked up over the years working with renown interior stylists on how to swap out builder basic light fixtures (friends don’t let friends live with boob lights!) Before & after inspiration, easy tutorials for DIY lighting upgrades that can be done in a day, and options for light fixtures that are well under $100.

saving on your wedding budget

Planning a Budget-Friendly Wedding

I’m just excited that my dear friend Lisa Rowan decided to include a few of my tips in her guide, “101 Creative Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding,” this week over on The Penny Hoarder. Check it out (yes, moissanite really does sparkle like real diamonds!), and also have a peek at a few more of my most popular budget wedding-related posts here and here on Shoestring.

ca$h in your life reality show casting

Cash in Your Life: The Reality Show

If being a reality TV star is YOUR dream, then you should apply to be on Ca$h in Your Life — a new show “seeking out couples and families for a chance to cash in their lives for a fresh start. Maybe your real calling is to open up a bed & breakfast, a boutique, or run a yacht charter. Whatever your dream may be, we are ready to pull out the stops, appraise your life, and offer you a check to cash in and start the life you have always wanted.”

real life vs the internets

Real Life vs The Internets

Lately, I’ve been thinking and talking a lot about real life versus the representation of it we all consume daily, hourly, on the internets, and about how much of an effect that can have not only on our happiness but even on our livelihoods, especially if you work in an image-conscious field.

free online barre classes physique57

Barre on a Budget: Free Physique57 Classes

Physique57, a trendy barre studio in places like NYC, Beverly Hills, and Dubai, is launching online classes in December and offered me a trial month to review their brand-new streaming offerings. Read on for my full review, or just try it out for yourself FOR FREE over the next four days (November 28 through Dec 1st) at during their Black Friday sale.