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A weekly roundup of 5 wish list items with the best value, usually under $100.

11 track pants under $100

11 Printed & Fancy Track Pants Under $100

One of my favorite street style trends from SXSW this year was the number of women I saw wearing fancy quitters: printed pants for daytime cut loose & casual like pajamas or harem pants but slightly tailored and nipped in at the ankles, styled with booties, heels or sandals.

3 nautical print shower curtains

A Tale of Three Shower Curtains: Nautical Obsessed

Sometime about a month before moving from New England to Texas, I started having a major-minor freak out about living landlocked in the center of a ginormous state, so far from the ocean I love and crave so much. Sure, there would be natural springs and creeks and lakes, but not the deep, blue, briny, salty, sandy, wave-crashing sea I feel in my soul.

kitchen gadgets cut calories and cost

5 Thrifty Things: Kitchen Savers to Cut Calories & Cost

For more than a year I’ve been meaning to share these saving graces from my kitchen that help us cut calories and our grocery bill. Beyond gimmicks, these absolute must-have kitchen tools and gadgets are the secret to success for many a chef and will last you for years — plus, they’re all under $80!