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Every week, we celebrate the latest thrift scores, thrift hauls, and everything Goodwill with our own TGIF: Thank Goodwill It’s Friday.

austin goodwill 10th lamar

TGWIF: Sneak Peek, New Goodwill at 10th & Lamar

There is perhaps no store opening I get more excited for than the opening of a new Goodwill. The fresh promise of serendipitous thrift scores in a brand-spanking-new shop and the knowledge that it means new revenue for one of my favorite charitable organizations. Yup, it’s like Christmas morning & my birthday rolled into one.

SXSW festival secondhand style

Secondhand Festival Style at SXSW 2014

Confession: For someone who spends as much time around and in front of cameras as I do, it’s a little absurd how much I’ve historically hated having my picture taken. Like, as in loathe and squirm and generally strategize every possible way get out of it.