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Freegan Films: The Gleaners and I

by Meghan Udell, Shoestring Magazine
July 14, 2009 - 6:37pm

After entering the Musee d'Orsay, in the second room on your left you'll find hanging a work by the realist painter Jean François Millet.

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Meghan Udell grew up on the mean streets of Chicago, but yearned for the often eccentric, eclectic, surreal and starving art world. Her consummate resourcefulness and creativity served her well in the oddest of college jobs: sharecropper; cultish coffee shop barista; gravedigger; christmas tree seller, and image retoucher for L.A.'s adult film industry. Meghan's DIY attitude and adept craftiness have helped her create kick-ass advertising campaigns for some of America's biggest brands, as well as the lust-worthy hipster loft she shares with her husband and their two adorably misbehaved Pointer mixes. When not surfing, rock climbing, volunteering at charities, color-coding her friends' closets, or sharing her sarcastic wit, Meghan is the creative mastermind behind the burgeoning Bargainista Media publishing empire.
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