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Pretty Cheap: Organizing A Beauty Product Swap

by Carissa Passerella for Shoestring Magazine
April 1, 2010 - 8:05pm

What's better than getting together for a night of wine and a clothing swap with your girlfriends? Putting that same sense of fun and spring cleaning into your supply of beauty products.

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Photo of Carissa Passerella
arissa was destined for the beauty world from the time she applied eye shadow to her Barbies and any family members she could exhaust into sitting still. After broadcast failed to fulfill what she thought was a life-long dream, Carissa returned to the familiarity of the cosmetics world she entered during college working at a cosmetics counter. Several jobs came and went over the past 12 years, but makeup was the constant as she worked weekends for Stila, or with brides perfecting her technique as a wedding makeup artist. Finally a blessing came (layoff) over 4 years ago giving just the shove she needed (unemployment ran out) to finally work full time as an independant makeup artist which led to creating, then as a TV Beauty Expert, and now offering the first ever personalized beauty consultations via Skype. While applying makeup is always fun, it’s the education part that lights her fire, teaching women how to keep their routines simple taking confusion out and putting the fun back in. Makeup should be a hobby not a chore. The good life is a long walk with hubby Mike and two dogs, Frisco and Meatball, after a big dinner. It’s all the stuff in between.
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