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Since 2007, Shoestring has been one of the top online destinations for budget living — or my vision for getting that “Champagne life on a DIY budget,” combining the classic Depression-era resourcefulness I learned from my grandparents, great aunts & uncles with Recession-era creativity. (I also believe that what’s good for the environment is pretty good for you & the economy, too.)

Shoestring has pivoted from a traditional online magazine, where I once managed a team of 40 regular writers & photographers, to a personal lifestyle blog where I share all the tips & ideas I’ve gained as a nationally recognized sustainable style & sharing economy expert — sort of like an extended daily editor’s letter. I’ll still feature regular guest contributions from my favorite DIY, style, personal finance, food, wine, travel, parenting, pet & other unique voices, to keep things interesting and highlight the people and brands who inspire me to be more creative. If that describes you, then let’s partner up & do cool things together!

Through an average 4.5 posts per week here on Shoestring — and regular guest posts on other top sites around the web — my audience is an ever-growing mix of young, hip, stylish, resourceful, urban women AND men (evenly split!) looking to get the most bang for their buck, growing their saving accounts and their enjoyment of life — not just amassing stuff. The average Shoestring reader is between 18-34 years old, lives in an urban metro, makes upwards of $100K, has a college degree or higher, and doesn’t yet have kids (but may have rescue dogs or cats, or both).

Shoestring readers are into voting with their dollars, learning how to do things for themselves, cooking from scratch, supporting local independent businesses, buying from sustainably sourced & Made in USA manufacturers, frequenting farmers markets & supporting urban farming, diving into entrepreneurship & crowd-funding projects, eating organic food, staying healthy & fit, and always have their eyes on their financial future and stability.

Updated Wednesday June 10, 2014

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