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best holiday shopping apps

Santa’s Little Helpers: Best Holiday Apps

Nothing can derail best-laid plans, and holiday budgets, quite like the mad dash to get it all done in the last week of Christmas shopping. These two iPhone apps can help you avoid over-spending — or buying for the same person on your list over and over again — by keeping you organized, on task, and on budget, all from the palm of your hand.

beauty apps

5 Thrifty Things: Beauty-Savvy Smartphone Apps

With summer in full swing, now is a great time to test out new and trendy beauty products and styles. Experimenting with your look or your locks can be daunting, though, and no one wants to end up with black nails when everyone is wearing green, or green hair when you wanted blonde.

iphone accessories make smartphone smarter

Green & Attention Grabbing Smartphone Accessories

Now that the World Cup is over, LeBron-Gate has passed, and everyone has all but forgotten about Tiger Woods, we’ve returned to our singular collective gadget sensation: the iPhone 4.

(Would you believe a recent Vanity Fair survey actually ranked the iPhone as the top voted replacement for apple pie as most identifiable American icon? Yes, we’re apparently that obsessed.)

peekaboo mobile coupon app

Shop Talk: Peekaboo Coupons

People seem to be crazy for coupons these days, and a number of new companies are launching seemingly daily to try to keep up with the demand. But coupons and couponing still have a negative connotation associated with being a cheapskate, not to mention that paper coupons and Sunday circulars are about as eco-friendly as BP.

craigslist first timer

I Was A Craigslist Virgin

I love technology. I do. Eternally connected to my BlackBerry and unable to withstand a car ride without plugging in my iPod, I’ve never considered myself a luddite.

Apparently, however, I am.

ehow mobile app

DIY On the Go: eHow Launches Mobile

Ever find yourself stuck with a flat on the side of the road, clueless about the first thing in changing a tire? Or, how about agreeing to be a groomsman in your friend’s wedding, only to be faced with a bow tie sans clip-on just hours before you need to be at the church?

10 best online recipe sites

20 Places to Find Free Recipes Online

It’s no secret that we’re a bunch of die-hard, frugal foodies here at Shoestring, but even cooking meals at home and brown baggin’ it can get expensive when you factor in all those pricey (yet beautiful) cookbooks and cooking magazines.