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Savings Confessions + 4 Budget Blogs to Follow

Let’s be honest: budgeting blows. “Saving” money by getting a great bargain is a thrill, but actually moving that money into a high-yield savings account, or seeking the freedom delivered by becoming debt-free (with a nest egg in savings) seems like a chore. At least that’s how I used to feel.

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Best eco2 Blogs: Saving Money, Saving the Planet

Of course, because The Gumshoes are completely addicted to saving money and saving the planet, we’re constantly reading and connecting with other great magazines, editors, and bloggers out there doing similarly cool things. (At least, we think we’re doing cool things, but we know they are!)

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Julia Child Stirs Us Again

Five years after she died, Julia Child is a best-selling author. Her book Mastering the Art of French Cooking is on the New York Times best seller list. One week this past summer, she posthumously sold 22,000 copies. (That’s more sales in one seven day period than were made in any year since the original 1961 publication!)

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Top 10 Budget Fashion Blogs

When it comes to finding the best looks for less this fall, Shoestring‘s staffers have our own favorite blogs and websites we follow, and that we wanted to share with you.

Here are Shoestring‘s Top 10 Favorite Frugal Fashion Bloggers, in no particular order, plus their Twitter handles for those who need an up-to-the-minute fix:

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Best Online Coupon Sites

It seems like only yesterday that people were frightened to shop online. Just a few years later, economists are now not only monitoring Black Friday spending but also Cyber Monday—the Monday right after Thanksgiving, when you’re back in the office, in front of your computer, ignoring deadlines in order to figure out just what to get your sister who has absolutely no taste.