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superbowl appetizers under $10

Shoestring Favorites: Super Bowl Staples Under $10

When it comes to Super Bowl parties, everyone has their go-tos — the staples and starters that no get-together in any given group of friends could possibly be without. Over the years, I’ve picked up quite a collection of cross-country party pleasers and learned that most people are happiest with unfussy comfort foods that go well with sweats and beer.

budget tailgating tips

6 Tips for Tailgating on a Shoestring

Tailgating, once an underground activity, has majorly gone mainstream. Web sites, sports networks, books, and blogs all tout the fanfare and fun of this pre-game event, which is a wonderful cross between a picnic and a BBQ — only usually held in a paved parking lot, not a park.

recession renaissance rose wine

La Vie en Rosé: Recession Renaissance for Pink Wine

Often dismissed as silly, sugary swill among American wine drinkers, rosé wine is striving to transform its crummy reputation. With a legion of stunningly under-priced wines from the south of France leading the charge this summer, pink wine looks like it’s making a permanent comeback through curious bargain-hunting buyers.


eco friendly wine cheese

Eco-Friendly Wine & Cheese Parties

With Valentine’s Day (aka Black Saturday for the single folk) right around the corner, what better way to go eco-chic and cheap than with a guide to hosting a “green” wine and cheese party? Natural Health magazine walks us through everything a host needs to know before hitting the shops. Our tip? Make the event even more wallet-friendly by turning it into a pot-luck.

thanksgiving dinner under $75

Thanksgiving Dinner Under $75

Any traditional Thanksgiving dinner with family is always an over-the-top affair, with several main dishes, half a dozen sides, and an entire table of desserts—not to mention the vino, that good ol’ liquid mediator.