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gluten free girl scout cookies

The New Gluten Free Girl Scout Cookies

Suddenly finding out that you have a food allergy can be not only surprisingly expensive but downright depressing — especially when that means you can no longer indulge in sacred American food traditions, like Girl Scout Cookie season.

how to make totchos tater tot nachos

Gluten Free Nacho Alternatives: Totchos & Frito Pie

Down here in Longhorn country, one thing is for certain: Football is no longer just a game, and weekends are no longer just for brunch. I’m surrounded by Burnt Orange in every direction and the TVs are all tuned to game day coverage — NFL, college, and high school games. (Hook ’em!)

grocery diet experiment sick days

Grocery Diet: Sick Days

Literally putting my grocery diet experiment on hold, the past two days I found myself with neither the energy to cook nor the appetite for food, finally succumbing to this nasty sinus cold that’s been making its way around Boston and the Swap office, in particular — swapping germs is not a fun type of swap