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salt dough ornaments denise woodward

DIY Salt Dough Ornament Recipe

If you’re looking for a last-minute gift idea, need gift tags on the fly, or just something to keep the little ones busy, check out my DIY Home column for this month featuring my family’s tried-and-true salt dough recipe, which was also the very first kitchen craft I remember making with my mom!

missive from the doily mill

Missives From The Doily Mill

Blogs like Catalog Living and posts like Let’s Make Fun Of: Anthropologie Furniture have always helped me and my creative colleagues let off steam, and this year’s annual Hater’s Guide to the Williams-Sonoma Catalog particularly hit home — particularly this line: “But this is ALWAYS the dream they sell at W-S and Barefoot Contessa and Martha Stewart and any other doily mill: the idea of EFFORTLESSNESS.” Here’s what’s been going on at my personal Doily Mill.

made in usa gifts under 50

250 Made in USA Gifts Under $50

With just a few shipping days to go to order independent, Made in USA gifts, I wanted to remind you about the map of 250 gifts under $50 that we put together a few years ago. Just click on any state on the map to view a curated list of gifts for everyone on your list, all made in that state! Tara and I worked tirelessly to discover cool, design-forward, clever & unique finds to impress your friends and family, so I hope you’ll check it out and maybe grab a gift or two. Or shop our Pinterest boards to find a gift by recipient!

DIY spa gifts lavender bluebonnet scrub

Texas Hill Country Lavender & Bluebonnet Salt Scrub

Texas Hill Country Lavender & Bluebonnet salt scrub for holiday gifts, inspired by our anniversary weekend at the Fredericksburg Herb Farm back in October & using the base recipe for my ever-popular coconut oil & salt scrub of half coarse salt, half epsom salt for sore & tired muscles, dried Hill Country lavender & bluebonnet essential oil.

DIY penny marquee letters pinterest

Pennies for Thought: DIY Marquee Letters

Craft supplies can cost a pretty penny, which is why I’ve been obsessed for the last few years with DIY projects that use actual pennies in their design. A penny saved is a penny earned, and I’m not above flaunting my financial prowess — even when it comes to gift giving.

DIY coconut oil beauty products

6 DIY Beauty Recipes Using Coconut Oil

My ever popular coconut oil & lime scrub recipe, using a mix of salt and Epsom salt for sore & tired muscles and fresh lime juice & zest, originally featured on in the story 6 DIY beauty treatments made with coconut oil – which now has over 5,000 pins on Pinterest!