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TOMS one day without shoes 2015

One Day Without Shoes 2015

What kind of difference can a single purchase seriously make? PLENTY. If that purchase is a pair of shoes from TOMS the answer is global impact. Today, until midnight EST tonight, you can provide TOMS Shoes for up to 1 million more people around the world WITHOUT EVEN BUYING ANYTHING. All you have to do is take a photo of your bare feet and post it to Instagram to raise awaress for One Day Without Shoes.

gluten free thanksgiving under $25

Operation Turkey + Thanksgiving for 2 Under $25

For the first time in our adult lives, my husband and I will be spending Thanksgiving far away from home and family and friends in Boston — 2,200 miles to be exact. Something about the distance has given me a more introspective awareness of how lucky we are, despite a year that was awful and trying in so many ways, and of our duty to help those less fortunate.

tweetsgiving 2010

Social Media, Social Good: Tweetsgiving

This week, as we’re all running around catching up with hometown friends, tossing back a few cocktails, gobbling turkey, and posting the resulting good times on Facebook, it’s easy to forget what Thanksgiving is actually about: giving thanks. No easy feat for most, including me, who can barely take time to put down the smartphone.

DIY fundraising movember mustaches

DIY Fundraising: Movember

Halloween may be behind us, but don’t be surprised if, over the course of November, you start to see an increasing number of men sporting mustaches — and not just the hipsters, either. It’s not about irony: it’s about raising money for prostate cancer through a LiveStrong-backed charity called Movember.

volunteer vacations voluntourism

Volunteer Vacations for Less

We’re all trying to live on less, but we also seem to be thinking more and more about those less fortunate. Volunteerism and vacations are a great mix, but can often be draining both emotionally and financially. Check out these tips from the Associated Press to save cash while being charitable with your time, both at home and abroad.