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vintage boy scout gear goodwill auctions

TGWIF: How to Shop Goodwill Online Auctions Like a Pro

After a few year’s hiatus, I recently started shopping ShopGoodwill again & was thrilled to find that not only is the online Goodwill auction site as good as I remember, it’s even more of a thriving treasure hunt. Some of my favorite recent wins are featured here, and if you’re going to give it a try for the first time, here are 5 things you need to know to bid & buy on ShopGoodwill like a pro.

distillery market home nautical brass hooks shell anchor

New England Heart: Nautical Guest Bathroom Reveal

To celebrate Thrift Score Thursday, and my first official day back at work after vacation, I thought it was high time I shared the secondhand styled, seaside-loving “after” to my “before” photos of the nautical, New England themed guest bathroom I decorated to corral all my coastal homesickness in one place.

white dress white chucks texas summer style TGWIF

TGWIF: White Chucks + Dresses

In my mind, Chuck Taylors are a timeless classic that go with pretty much everything, and are always appropriate no matter the occasion. I’ve loved them my whole life, putting them in the Shoestring logo for a reason. But what I really love is that Chucks (and classic street sneakers of all kinds) are having a major moment in fashion right now — especially with dresses. Or at least that’s the case here in Texas.

DIY denim cutoffs Goodwill vintage kimono the distillery market

TGWIF: Texas Summer Style, DIY Denim Cutoffs + Vintage Kimonos

One of my favorite 2015 summer trends is layering a breezy vintage kimono over a great pair of shredded cutoffs and a slouchy cotton tank, and thankfully my (dear friend and) fearless beach babe of a model, Catelyn, also happens to be the owner of a drool-worthy vintage shop that currently has a duo of vintage Japanese kimonos in stock. Plus all the best tips for making DIY denim cutoffs, all in one place.

thrift store DIY succulents goodwill austin

TGWIF: Succulents + Thrift Scores

Sometimes, a trip to the garden center and digging your hands in the dirt is just what the doctor ordered. Last week, I did just that, in the name of journalism and this week’s post for Austin Goodwill, and bought up dozens upon dozens of delightful little succulents, potted them in upcycled thrift store vessels in the name of Earth Day (hello, pineapple colander!) and had the funnest photo shoot with the lovely Chelsea Laine Francis.

thrifting austin with goodwill boston

TGWIF: Thrifting Austin with Goodwill Boston

When I left Boston for Austin, my dear friend (and former partner in crafts at DIY Boston) Tara took over my social media partnership with Goodwill Boston, so of course we had to do the full tour of my favorite downtown Austin Goodwill stores while she was here in Texas. (And other secondhand and vintage shopping of all kinds!)

goodwill irish fisherman sweater

TGWIF: Sweaters, Somerville + UNH Skating

Thank Goodwill It’s Friday! Last night, I made it home to the arctic tundra of Boston, and y’all: They ain’t lying. The struggle is real. Snow is EVERYWHERE. It’s well below freezing with the wind chill. Luckily, I found the most amazing and fortuitous ($4.99) score at the South Lamar Goodwill before leaving Austin: a pure lambswool vintage Irish fisherman’s sweater that is quite literally saving my life.

melissa secondhand holiday style shoestring 2014

Secondhand Holiday Style 2014

With the sparkliest, Champagne-iest, danciest, glitteriest, hopefully most friend-filled night almost upon us, I wanted to share a little sneak peek of the look book that I put together for Austin Goodwill — with ideas for putting together a most celebratory outfit without maxxing out your credit card. Not even a little. Because each of these outfits cost less than $50, including shoes!

missive from the doily mill

Missives From The Doily Mill

Blogs like Catalog Living and posts like Let’s Make Fun Of: Anthropologie Furniture have always helped me and my creative colleagues let off steam, and this year’s annual Hater’s Guide to the Williams-Sonoma Catalog particularly hit home — particularly this line: “But this is ALWAYS the dream they sell at W-S and Barefoot Contessa and Martha Stewart and any other doily mill: the idea of EFFORTLESSNESS.” Here’s what’s been going on at my personal Doily Mill.

DIY spa gifts lavender bluebonnet scrub

Texas Hill Country Lavender & Bluebonnet Salt Scrub

Texas Hill Country Lavender & Bluebonnet salt scrub for holiday gifts, inspired by our anniversary weekend at the Fredericksburg Herb Farm back in October & using the base recipe for my ever-popular coconut oil & salt scrub of half coarse salt, half epsom salt for sore & tired muscles, dried Hill Country lavender & bluebonnet essential oil.