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shailene woodley organic minimalist

Why I Wish Shailene Woodley Was a Columnist

Yes, I’m one of those people: the thirtysomethings who devoured the Divergent books and couldn’t get enough. But this isn’t the part where I critique the series. It *is* where I share my love for Shailene Woodley as a human being and as a beacon of hope for her generation.

hoarding the luxury of clutter

Live on Less: The Luxury of Clutter

Clutter is a luxury. All those tacky heirlooms, the ten years’ worth of National Geographic magazines, the shoes that don’t fit but you just had to have because they were on sale. These things all cost money at some point, and all needed resources in order to be manufactured.

new swap meets are online

The New Swap Meets are Online

Ever since becoming a parent, I’ve increasingly become obsessed with our household “stuff in, stuff out” mantra, and I know I’m not alone. Parents are eager to recycle outgrown clothing, books, music, movies, games, and other miscellany, and web entrepreneurs have responded.