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shailene woodley organic minimalist

Why I Wish Shailene Woodley Was a Columnist

Yes, I’m one of those people: the thirtysomethings who devoured the Divergent books and couldn’t get enough. But this isn’t the part where I critique the series. It *is* where I share my love for Shailene Woodley as a human being and as a beacon of hope for her generation.

2013 oscar nominated movies

The 2013 Oscar Nominated Films Worth Watching

Sunday marks the 85th telecast of the Academy Awards, and over 50 films are nominated across the 24 categories. No matter which end up bringing home the iconic Oscar, we scoped the list and came up with 8 movies worth watching, even after award season is over.

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5 Food Documentaries That’ll Save Your Health

Last summer ended with hospital visits, lots of them, back to back. For two weeks straight, I flew back and forth between North and South, first with one parent in the hospital, then another — as soon as one was released, another was admitted. Thankfully, they’re both in the clear, but it was scary, exhausting, eye opening.

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3 Ways to Throw an Oscars Bash on a Budget

The Oscars, while mostly a red carpet ogle-fest these days, are the time of year to celebrate films and movie-going as our favorite, democratizing form of entertainment — and this awards ceremony in particular is one that should be shared with friends, just like you once enjoyed those movies being honored.

indieflix film festival in a box

DIY Film Festival with IndieFlix

I’ll be the first to admit it: I’m a huge film nerd. When it comes to movies, I’m particularly fond of the indies, as well as the humble, reluctant celebrities and talented artists who make them. I like to support the underdogs, and I like to see films that might not otherwise make it into theaters or get picked up for mass distribution.

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Black Swan: Ballet Inspirations on a Budget

Last night, my sister and I took my mom to see Black Swan for her birthday, and — unlike most of the reviews and reactions I’ve read of Darren Aronofsky’s new film so far — I really loved it and found it to be absolutely beautiful, visually and narratively.