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Homemade Chamomile Lavender Baby Wipes

earlier this year, with several baby showers imminent, I decided to do a (very scientific) Facebook survey of all my friends with kids in order to find out exactly what it was that made their lives easier in those first few weeks after welcoming a human cub into their world. The overwhelming top answer of meal delivery wasn’t that surprising, but the second most popular new-parent gift was: Baby Wipes. LOTS of them. so I decided to take to the kitchen and recipe test dozens of homemade, organic baby wipe recipes from Pinterest and elsewhere around the internets. I don’t think I’ll ever buy commercial wipes again, it was seriously that easy!

DIY flea spray lavender lemon eucalyptus

DIY Flea & Linen Spray

Since I’m on a major DIY kick with essential oils and beauty/cleaning products at the moment, and that big ol’ yard and dog house we bought also came with fleas, I concocted this totally organic linen spray recipe to keep them at bay inside our new home. AND IT WORKS.

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6 DIY Beauty Recipes Using Coconut Oil

My ever popular coconut oil & lime scrub recipe, using a mix of salt and Epsom salt for sore & tired muscles and fresh lime juice & zest, originally featured on in the story 6 DIY beauty treatments made with coconut oil – which now has over 5,000 pins on Pinterest!

eco friendly beauty travel sets

10 Budget & Eco-Friendly Travel Kits & Beauty Sets

It’s true that good things do come in small packages, and we’ve even come to love the TSA restrictions that have challenged us to find affordable versions of our favorite products in 3-oz-or-less bottles — and challenged top beauty brands to make travel sets more widely available.

making educated beauty choices

Pretty Dangerous: Making Educated Beauty Choices

Every woman has her beauty staples and favorites. Personally, even if I’m in a rush to get out of the house, I never appear in public without a little CoverGirl LastBlash mascara, a touch of Clinique Blushing Brush Powder, and a spritz of DKNY Be Delicious. This has been my routine since I could drive myself to Macy’s — simple enough.

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Sustainable Swimwear Under $100

Ever spent the weekend at the beach? After a few days in a bathing suit, chances are you experienced that not-so-fresh feeling. But despite what your mother told you, the discomfort may not be caused by a damp suit, but rather the fabric itself.

green your beauty budget

Greening Your Budget Beauty Routine

Finding high-quality natural and organic beauty products on the cheap may have been an impossible feat a few years ago, but ‘green’ lines that rival department store regulars are now popping up in more places than ever before — and with smaller price tags.