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game of thrones party kitchen LARP

Kitchen LARPing for Game of Thrones

I’m a huge nerd when it comes to theme parties, especially ones based on my favorite books, TV shows, and movies. When you really get into the spirit with “live action role play” (LARP) through costumes, decor, or cuisine, it just adds another whole level of enjoyment to favorite stories and characters.

white christmas sangria payday game night

PayDay + Holiday Board Game Night at Home

Sometimes there’s absolutely nothing better than a quiet night at home with a few friends, some drinks, snacks, and a board game. No fancy dress-up clothes. No shoes. No makeup. Maybe a mischievous pooch vying for attention. And if it were a cold night in December, the Yule Log/Fireplace on Netflix and the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack on Spotify. And laughs, lots of them.

irish biscuit dessert recipe

Irish Biscuit Dessert

One of my favorite Irish imports, courtesy of my outlaw sister Arlene and her family from County Roscommon, is this ridiculously delicious, insanely easy dessert idea — which has come to be known as “biscuit dessert” or “boozy dessert.” The recipe has spread like wildfire amongst our friends over the last half decade, and I decided the frenzy of the holidays was the perfect time to provide yo

fall harvest party menu thanksgiving

Fall Harvest Menu for a Thrifty Thanksiving

Happy almost Turkey Day! I first made this menu in early October for a fall clothing swap at my house with a bunch of my favorite Boston fashion ladies, and it was a smashing success. I’m sure you’ll have the same response — even if you only make the salted caramel fondue!