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sore muscle soak patron tequila bottle

Sore Muscle Bath Soak + Reusing Tequila Bottles

To inspire me (and my house guests) to enjoy more health-boosting baths, I like to package my recipe for homemade sore muscle soak in pretty containers just like I would if I were gifting them. My favorite (FREE) container of all is an empty Patron tequila bottle, perhaps left over from a batch of spicy watermelon margaritas – packaging worth displaying prominently without spending a cent.

ecostiletto recycling questions answered

Recycling Questions, Answered

We all know the drill: Reduce, reuse, recycle. But there may be a bit of confusion on that last part. Even the most seasoned ecoista can be stumped by a bottle cap or a straw. Does it go in the blue bin or the black? If I’m recycling, do I need to wash it first?