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money morality sharing the wealth

Money Morality & Low-Income Friends

I’ve been feeling generous towards a low-income friend lately. Not that he needs any help, but I am able to give it. I’m not interested in giving this friend a loan, but I’m considering subsidizing various activities with him, like picking up the lunch tab or treating him to a movie.

helping aging relatives with finances

Family Finances: Aging Relatives

Grams and gramps, mom and dad—if you have elderly relatives living on their own, or “aging in place” as they say, they may need your help to survive this recession financially. Follow these expert tips, as reported by the Associated Press, to get the conversation and the savings underway.

dream weddings in economic downturn

Dream Weddings in the Downturn

Tough times offer some a chance to embrace their inner tightwad and, in select cases, toss a little scorn at the $60 billion industry that bridal bloggers sometimes refer to as the “wedding industrial complex,” as the AP reports in this feature story on the state of dream Weddings in the economic downturn.

top 10 places to elope

Top 10 Places to Elope

Every couple thinks about eloping at least once during the wedding planning process, but many more are considering it as a viable and cost-conscious option these days, as the price of an average wedding soars past $25K. Forgo frills, formality, and hurt feelings by sending your nuptials down the fun and frugal route at one of these 10 top destinations, as picked by Tango.

pop culture penpal giulia rozzi

Facebook: Do’s and Don’ts of Online Relationships

Facebook is the frat party you dreaded going to in college. You know it’s going to be ugly. You know it’s going to be creepy. You know you’re going to stay way too long or do things you’ll probably regret. But you have to be there because, well, everyone else is there and you don’t want to be left out of the fun.