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saving for your dream vacation

7 Ways to Save & Budget for Your Dream Getaway

Oh man, this winter, amiright? I have no business complaining, since Ginger and I picked the absolute best year to move to Austin, and we’ve been grateful to be able to play host to all our friends who suffered repeated beatings from the Polar Vortex by inviting them down for an affordable weekend getaway in the Texas sunshine.

spotify premium road trips

Our Gen X CD Problem & The Value of Spotify Premium

I’m officially saying goodbye to all our CDs this weekend, and though it feels like the end of an era, the ease and portability of music without the clutter — and the ability to have playlists for parties or road trips readily on hand wherever I may roam — is well worth the $10/month.

tennessee route 40 road trip nashville

Road Trips: Tennessee, Oh Tennessee, Route 40

When I stop to think about it, I’m kind of in awe of how much I’ve grown to love Tennesee over the last decade — even though I shouldn’t be, really. Much like the many places my dad and stepmother were stationed with the Air Force during my formative years — St.

road trip gettysburg 150

Road Trips: Gettysburg on the 150th Anniversary

From the moment we decided to drive the 2,200 miles from Boston to Austin for our move, I immediately started planning all the amazing places we would stop to see & eat along the way — getting excited to share our road trip and all its impending adventures with you.

local's guide to nashville TN

Road Trips: A Local’s Guide to Nashville

Ever since my dad & stepmom retired from the Air Force to Tennessee a few years ago, I’ve got this renewed obsession with all things Southern. So I asked my friend Carla from Stella Shops in Nashville to share her tips for doing the city right on a Shoestring — what to see & hear, eat & drink, and (natch), where to shop, like a local. Here’s her insider’s guide!