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goodwill irish fisherman sweater

TGWIF: Sweaters, Somerville + UNH Skating

Thank Goodwill It’s Friday! Last night, I made it home to the arctic tundra of Boston, and y’all: They ain’t lying. The struggle is real. Snow is EVERYWHERE. It’s well below freezing with the wind chill. Luckily, I found the most amazing and fortuitous ($4.99) score at the South Lamar Goodwill before leaving Austin: a pure lambswool vintage Irish fisherman’s sweater that is quite literally saving my life.

mason jar lemonade stand

There’s Always Money in the Lemonade Stand

The thing I’ve always loved about living in Somerville — and about hosting yard sales — is how unassuming people are, chatting with random strangers, making an effort to meet their neighbors and connect with their community through the things we share in common.

somerville local first prom

Somerville Local First Prom Fundraiser

Every Thursday night in the 80s, after my dad picked me and my siblings up from school in Lexington to spend the weekend with him up on Spring Hill, we would stop for fettucine alfredo at Mike’s or Happy Meals & the underground playground at McDonald’s (now the Starbucks) in Davis Square.

cambridge MA river fest

Save Your Weekends: Rose on a Boat, River Fest + Markets Resume

As if allergy season wasn’t enough, what is with this nasty summer cold that’s going around? Here’s hoping you haven’t been taken down by it like I have — or if you have, that you’re already making your way back to the land of the living in time to take advantage of the fresh summer fun happening around Boston this weekend.