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Save Your Weekends: Parkour, No Pants & Glitter Pumps

Just a sampling of all the free, cheap, and super fun things going on around Greater Boston this weekend. Closing sales and discounts at one of our all-time favorite vintage stores, parkour in the park, the annual No Pants Subway ride, DIY giltter shoes workshop in Worcester, free and cheap yoga, $1 oysters and so much more.

No excuses for staying home!

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Running Away with the Circus (Arts)

When I was a little girl (like many of you, I’m sure), I fantasized about running away with the circus. There was nothing more fun and romantic to me than the idea of being a trapeze artist or an acrobat on a bareback horse. I love animals, and thanks to my dance, gymnastics, and figure skating competitions, was no stranger to either stunts or sequins.

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Beyond Beans: Trendy Food Gifts From Boston

The other day in the office, I was absolutely shocked to find out that not everybody knows about Marshmallow Fluff — that there are actually children in America growing up without knowing the simple joy of a Fluffernutter sandwich: soft bread (corners cut off or not) sandwiching together sticky swaths of sweet Marshmallow Fluff and salty Teddie Peanut Butter.