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6 pro tips resale thrifting courtney mirenzi

Side Hustle: 6 Pro Tips for Reselling Thrift Scores

Fellow Boston to Austin writer Courtney Mirenzi and I have a long shared history of scouring thrift stores in search of stylish treasure for cents on the dollar. We now have a weekly standing “picking” date at the Goodwill Outlet, and I love picking her brain for her pro tips on how she turns her like-new finds into funds to supplement her writing income through an eBay store and other resale avenues. It’s all about that side hustle! Read on for 6 of Courtney’s veteran experiences and pro tips.

my secondhand style ethical fashion closet thredup

Shop My Closet on ThredUP

I hope that in 2015 I can inspire at least a few more people to be a bit more intentional and thoughtful about the way that we shop, and the snowball effect that each purchase can have in a positive way. To kick things off, I wanted to share with you a chance to actually shop my own closet. I recently sent 3 HUGE BAGS of gently-worn and new-with-tags items to thredUP, one of many favorite online consignment shops that are the next best thing to swapping with friends.

melissa secondhand holiday style shoestring 2014

Secondhand Holiday Style 2014

With the sparkliest, Champagne-iest, danciest, glitteriest, hopefully most friend-filled night almost upon us, I wanted to share a little sneak peek of the look book that I put together for Austin Goodwill — with ideas for putting together a most celebratory outfit without maxxing out your credit card. Not even a little. Because each of these outfits cost less than $50, including shoes!