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Weekend Getaways: St. Augustine with FlipKey

I’m always happiest when I’m at the beach. I was born on the Gulf of Mexico in Mississippi, where my parents met while stationed as officers in the Air Force. Then we moved back to Boston (my dad’s hometown) when I was still a toddler, and for the next 16 years I never lived more than 10 miles from Boston Harbor.

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7 Ways to Save & Budget for Your Dream Getaway

Oh man, this winter, amiright? I have no business complaining, since Ginger and I picked the absolute best year to move to Austin, and we’ve been grateful to be able to play host to all our friends who suffered repeated beatings from the Polar Vortex by inviting them down for an affordable weekend getaway in the Texas sunshine.

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Small Spaces: Luxury Micro-Hotels Make Cents

In order to adapt to the new bargainista way of life and lure budget travelers, hoteliers have adopted a trend from our friends across the pond: The micro-hotel. For just $100, two Manhattan hotspots prove that small spaces can indeed be cheap, yet utterly chic.