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goodwill boston brides on a budget

Goodwill Hunting: Brides on a Budget

Budget brides in Boston rejoice: while Filene’s Basement may have (sniffle) closed its doors, leaving its much-beloved Running of the Brides events hanging in the balance, a well-known bridal boutique (wishing to remain anonymous) has teamed up with Goodwill for what will hopefully become a new tradition:

Brides on a Budget – Goodwill. I will. I do!

how to thrift for fine china at goodwill

Goodwill Hunting: Tips for Buying China

Let me guess, you’re getting married. Congratulations on finding love (and a tax break)! But be warned: chances are you’re making a big mistake when it comes to your registry. You’ve probably picked out all your favorite things at Pottery Barn, hoping that a loved one will splurge on that cheeky set of artichoke print salad plates.

budget wedding travel eliza edel

Be Our Guest: Wedding Travel on a Shoestring

After being invited to your old buddy’s wedding, you’ve bought the happy couple a wonderful gravy boat, got new shoes to match your best wedding duds, and just when your wallet is really starting to feel the pinch, you realize you still have to find a way get to the main event and book a place to stay.

mini moons trend honeymoons

Mini Moons: Short Honeymoons Trend

Once the hoopla of a modern wedding is done, the last thing modern newlyweds want (or can afford) is a trip somewhere halfway around the world. Enter the “mini moon” — a trend in which couples instead opt for a weekend getaway immediately following the wedding and postpone the traditional honeymoon for their six-month or one-year anniversary.

wedding rings on a budget 4 C's

Cheap & Chic: Wedding Bling on a Budget

Since time eternal (or at least since 1477), men have been dropping to one knee and presenting a bright, shiny thing to their beloved sweetheart, signaling that they’re ready to seal the deal. What’s a guy to do, though, when bling just isn’t in the budget?

dream weddings in economic downturn

Dream Weddings in the Downturn

Tough times offer some a chance to embrace their inner tightwad and, in select cases, toss a little scorn at the $60 billion industry that bridal bloggers sometimes refer to as the “wedding industrial complex,” as the AP reports in this feature story on the state of dream Weddings in the economic downturn.