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Drink Local: 14 Awesome American Wines for 4th of July

This 4th of July weekend, let’s celebrate the best hidden gems and big-deal American wine producers by drinking local, independent, small-batch wines or supporting a local winery in your home state. (Fact: No matter where in the US you live, there’s at least one winery in your state!) Not only will you probably save some major bucks, you’re also reducing your carbon footprint by choosing wines closer to home AND you’re contributing more back into your local economy with every dollar spent. Win, win, major win. ‘Merica!

mango white tea mojitos honest tea

Mango White Tea Mojitos with Basil

Spending summers with my dad when he was stationed in places like St. Louis and South Carolina with the Air Force, I learned to appreciate (maybe even love) iced tea. There’s really nothing better than an ice cold sweetened tea for cooling down in the sweltering heat — that is, unless, you spike it with some siesta-inducing hooch.

melon vinho verde sangria budget

Sweet Melon Sangria for Summer

Memorial Day is just around the corner and that means it’s officially deck drinking season. Which couldn’t come soon enough, since we seem to have gone from frigid April showers to hot-as-hell August humidity, like, overnight. Ah, New England…

napa wines on a budget

Napa Wines on a Budget: Big, Bold & Unapologetic

The Napa Valley is a bit like that guy you knew in high school — let’s call him Rick — who ended up selling his software start-up and getting really rich while you toiled at a mid-level university and then worked your way slowly, painfully slowly, up the ladder at some drab multinational. You apply yourself with diligence and a sense of purpose, but your progress is limited.

10 thanksgiving wines under 15

10 Wines Under $15 for Thanksgiving Dinner

Whether you’re a traditionalist, a vegetarian, a red-blooded meat-eater or a sucker for seafood, this comprehensive list of Thanksgiving wines pleases both the palate and your piggy-bank, and covers all your bases: four whites; four reds; a sparkling; and a port.

free wine tastings etiquette

5 Dos & Don’ts at Free Wine Tastings

Wine tastings, whether fun and free at your local wine shop or formal and fancy at a three-Michelin-star restaurant, are situations ripe for slipping up in the etiquette department or making a scene. Personally, I’ve almost coughed mouthfuls of wine all over my hosts; I’ve dropped a full bottle of wine while examining its label; and I’ve splashed wine all over my dress slacks.