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mason jar lemonade stand

There’s Always Money in the Lemonade Stand

The thing I’ve always loved about living in Somerville — and about hosting yard sales — is how unassuming people are, chatting with random strangers, making an effort to meet their neighbors and connect with their community through the things we share in common.

garage sale season US News

Garage Sale Season with US News

The weather is slowly, finally, maybe inching toward Spring and that has me dreaming of one thing — one beautiful thing known by many names.

Garage sale. Tag sale. Stoop sale. Yard sale. Sidewalk sale. Call it whatever you want, it’s a dreamy Saturday adventure to me.

rags to riches side hustle

Rags to Riches: Frugal Fetishes into Full-Time Jobs

For most of us, a semi-regular yard sale is merely an excuse to clean out the closets, perhaps lighten the load a bit before we move to our next house or apartment. The few bucks we pocket from these sales might fund the next housewarming party, but rarely would we look at them as a future career opportunity.

Unless, that is, you think like Aaron LaPedis.